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New Partnership Agreement in Place!!!

Cache Valley Wireless has partnered with Revnet and is now accepting new customers again. Please go to Revent for more information, or call (435) 227-5533. Mention this website for discounts on installation and the first month of service.

Get Connected, Without the Wires

Cache Valley Wireless was established in November of 2004 with the intent of providing affordable, high-speed internet access as an alternative to dial-up or cable.  We have been providing that service for years now, with a level of Customer Service that simply cannot be rivaled.  So if you're tired of that slow dial-up connection, contact us to see how you can replace it with high-speed wireless.

Customer Service is King

Because Cache Valley Wireless is locally owned and operated, we can provide a personalized level of customer support that other companies are not capable of.  So whether you are a lite internet user or a seasoned professional, we can provide you with the internet services you need.


  • Flexible Pricing Structure -- don't pay for more than you need
  • No installation fees -- you pay only for the required equipment
  • Free basic setup of your wireless router (if desired)
  • Free local Tech Support


So why are you still using dial-up, or paying so much for cable?

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